QR Codes


What are QR codes?

You see them all over the place now, from posters to magazine adverts to packaging. But what are these odd looking blobs?

QR codes are basically 2 dimensional barcodes, able to hold a lot more information than standard barcodes. Barcodes might sound boring, but QR codes provide a wealth of opportunities far beyond their original use.

It's the growth of the smartphone and tablet computer that has brought the QR code into the mainstream. Phones with Internet access mean that you can scan a code on a poster and go straight to that company's website for more information. Put a QR code on a promotional keyring, and it can point to an "Offer of the Week" page, which keeps your customers coming back.


How do they help my business?


You've got a company website, and you put this on adverts and posters, but what's the incentive to look at it? People have to remember it or write it down, then actually look it up when they get back to a computer.

With a smartphone, they scan the code and look at your site on the spot - it's instant and easy, so they are much more likely to do it. You can reward their interest with further information, or with an incentive like a "phone-exclusive" offer. Put one beside an item in your window - give them more information on it and bring them in.